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Hoss Tabrizi: Inspiring Personal and Professional Growth


Keynote speaker, Amazon bestselling author, radio personality, sports coach, and wealth advisor – Hoss Tabrizi knows what it takes to achieve greatness.

Whether speaking at an event, coaching athletics, or advising CEOs, his passion is connecting with and motivating others to achieve their personal, career, athletic, and financial goals – to become the best versions of themselves.

“I grew up watching my father make the world a better place in whatever he did,” Tabrizi says. “I aim to follow in those footsteps.”

His purpose, he shares, is to take his own experiences – his triumphs, his losses, his failures, and his successes – and combine them into tools that help others. The ultimate goal? “To democratize the art of resilience,” he says.

And what does that mean? According to Tabrizi, it’s making resilience accessible and available to everyone, regardless of their background, age, ethnicity, or circumstances, by providing tools, guidance, and support to help individuals build their inner strength and overcome challenges.

“This is what I do,” he reveals. “I focus on each and every one of my clients and athletes individually, starting with a one-on-one phone call. I do the same with events. I treat every stage as a rare opportunity to deliver a tailored message specifically for that group of people and their specific mission.” 

He adds that needs vary across different demographics, and he interacts with many different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. 

“Advising should never involve a blanket approach,” he says. “Sports coaching is no different. Every athlete has a different set of problems that are often interwoven into their life circumstances. This industry truly requires professional flexibility, time, and effort to understand each person’s position.”

For example, Tabrizi helped a young girl who loved sports but was afraid on the field. “She was shy, and sports can be intimidating when they become highly competitive,” says Tabrizi. “Her parents reached out to me because they wanted to help her succeed in sports – but once I took a look at her entire life situation, I realized that the key was helping her build confidence. Overcoming her overall shyness helped her succeed in life, not just on the field.”

Indeed, her parents share that after working with Coach Hoss, as he’s affectionately known, the young athlete has enjoyed personal transformation in all areas of her life.

Throughout his career, the speaker has witnessed a growing amount of people with emotional blocks hurting them in whatever hobby or profession strikes their passion. Upon recognizing this wide scale phenomenon, Tabrizi took his passion for helping others and inspiring audiences to paper. “I’ve contributed work to three best-sellers, including The Winning Mindset, The Impact of Influence, and Rebuilt Through Recovery,” says Tabrizi. “It’s been a joy to share my personal knowledge on self-improvement to those who need and are seeking it.” 

Tabrizi’s ability to look at the bigger picture has led him to success as not only a financial advisor, teacher, coach, public speaker, author, and community leader, but also as a devoted family man. “I remember where I came from,” Tabrizi says. “My parents, Mehdi and Nahid, and sister, Nahaleh, helped shape me; and my wife Carolyn and children Maximus, Mia, and Michael have taught me the importance of family and personal connections.”

Driven by a genuine desire to help people become better versions of themselves and discover their inner greatness, Tabrizi is dedicated to fostering personal, professional, and financial growth in individuals. He firmly believes in the power of continuous improvement, both for himself and those he interacts with.

One of Tabrizi’s notable strengths is his ability to communicate in a way that motivates others, instilling them with confidence and conviction as they embark on their journey of self-improvement. He understands the importance of uplifting and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential in all aspects.

Like his father, Tabrizi is committed to leaving a positive impact on the world. He strives to make a difference, not only in his own life but also in the lives of others. 

“There is so much to be gained when we realize we are an accumulation of greatness and a reflection of the greatness around us,” he shares. “The converse is also true – we can lose a lot for ourselves, our families, and as a collective people if we do not strive to be the absolute best version of ourselves.” 

With the many genuine relationships and interactions Tabrizi has, he sees the gems and positive attributes deep within people before they do.  His next book, Unleash Your Greatnesses, shares inspirational stories, lessons, and relevant exercises offering readers an opportunity to reflect and realize the greatness within themselves and surrounding them. 

By embodying the values of continuous improvement, care for others, and leaving a positive legacy, Tabrizi continuously inspires others to strive for personal and professional growth, making the world a better place one individual at a time. Unleash Your Greatnesses will be released during the fall 2023.

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