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Are You a Mutant? Raquel Reyna to Release New Book that Explores the Human Design and Uniqueness of Every Individual


Newport Beach, California–Mystic Raquel Reyna, who is the creator of the Creative Coaching Certification for Human Design Specialists, will be publishing her first book in September 2023: Are You a Mutant? Step-by-Step Guide to Unleash Your Human Design Genius, Understand Your Uniqueness, and Thrive During Times of Transformation. The book will explore why it is essential for readers to learn who they are, how to live as their unique selves, and how to make decisions based on their own personalized, inner GPS system, which most people don’t even know they have.

Raquel, who has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and teaches clients how to read Human Design charts, says that she began writing her book during COVID because she could see that the world was changing rapidly and many people were struggling with stressful situations.

“I tried to leave corporate America in my 40s, but I failed miserably until I understood my unique design,” she remembers. “During COVID, I saw individuals who felt stuck or lost just like I had and who couldn’t find any motivation tools for personal growth that actually worked for them. I decided to write Are You a Mutant? so that I could provide them with a different perspective, one based on my own experiences with finding success but understanding that each person needs a unique strategy.”

For over 1.5 years, Raquel worked on her book, but it took 7 years prior of Deconditioning to be able to offer guidance on questions that include:

  • If everything collapsed right now, would you still know who you are?
  • If your company or the leaders of your country betrayed you, would you know what to do next?
  • Do you feel empowered to make decisions for yourself, or do you rely on others for guidance?

“These questions are important because we are taught that our life’s purpose is written in the stars when it is actually in your DNA code,” Raquel says. “When we understand this, we can self-actualize because we have the missing parts of the problem. We go from living passively to living actively.”

The book is based on the idea that each person is conditioned by society and/or family to fit in, strive for specific goals, and make life choices that are not necessarily designated uniquely for them. Raquel believes that this is behind much of the dissatisfaction experienced by adults. Post-COVID, she says, is unchartered territory, and these times call for every person to examine their career and life to see if they are living their authentic truth and to determine where personal upgrades are needed.

“We can all benefit from a new system of knowledge that has the potential to support our understanding of this world we are wading through,” Raquel states. “Self-help, the Law of Attraction, and other motivational materials have been great, of course, but not for everyone. Are You a Mutant? is meant to fill in the gaps and help readers to live unique strategies for satisfaction, peace, and the wonderment of being alive. Remember: while there is no cookie-cutter method for success and fulfillment, you can learn new ways for attaining it, based on more deeply understanding what makes you different.” 

Raquel Reyna is a modern-day mystic who has been featured on the cover of Spiritual Biz Magazine and in Shout OutLA, Voyage LA, and Spiritual Badass Magazine. She is the founder of the Creative Coaching Certification, the Four Radical Transformation Certification programs, and several other Human Design as well as business certifications. Today, Raquel and her partner Davidian Lyon, are co-proprietors of and have a community of over 55,000 people from all over the world, who are committed to discovering their Human Design, and fully awakening their unique inner brilliance, and transforming their lives, relationships, and businesses.

Are You a Mutant? Step-by-Step Guide to Unleash Your Human Design Genius, Understand Your Uniqueness, and Thrive During Times of Transformation will be published in August 2023 and will be available in paperback, on Amazon, on Audible, and in most bookstores. In the book’s upcoming accompanying Live Online Masterclass series, Raquel explains that the secret to finding your life’s purpose lies in Human Design and your DNA code.For more information, please see or

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