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Sanguine Gem Stones Expands Line of Fine Jewelry


San Diego, CASanguine Gem Stones, an online jewelry retailer, has announced its intent to expand its growing product lineup of designer jewelry pieces that utilize sustainably sourced and lab created diamonds. As well as offering new styles of jewelry, Sanguine will be expanding its line of giftable products to include premium linens and Gua Sha Stones. Sanguine will also be offering new fragrances in its line of fine candles.

Sanguine’s co-founders, Kay Chang, JenniVere Song Lee, and Lake Lui, have all agreed that not only will the newest products allow the company to grow and scale, but their charitable initiatives and commitment to sustainability are imperative to their company mission of giving back both socially and environmentally.

“As female business owners, we understand the unique challenges and obstacles that women face,” says Kay Chang. “It’s always exciting to see the company grow – and to offer new items to our loyal customers. But we do have the bigger picture in mind as well.”

JenniVere Song Lee adds that Sanguine is very aware of the negative effect that blood diamond mining has on the environment and the local communities. “Yes, we love fine jewelry and have a passion for our brand,” she says. “However, we view ecommerce as a tool to be used for the greater good. This is why we’re so determined to only use sustainably sourced and lab created stones.”

Lake Lui says that it wasn’t easy for her and her co-founders to start a business. “Many industries are male-dominated,” she states. “We have a mission to empower other business women to overcome barriers, build resilience, and reach their full potential as leaders and contributors to society. And that’s the message we want to get across: that any female can do anything – but she needs the support of society.”

Chang, Song Lee, and Lui all feel that some of their biggest challenges in starting their business was overcoming gender stereotypes, inequality, and discrimination. They seek to help create a more equitable and just society, where all individuals, regardless of gender, have the opportunity to succeed and contribute.

As an American Asian female/minority-owned company, Sanguine Gem Stones is dedicated to promoting causes that support young women. The company is proud to announce that it is involved in donating to select nonprofits that aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young women and help create a more equal and just society for all.

As a fashion brand, Sanguine is committed to ethical and sustainable practices in all aspects of its business, including its sourcing and production processes. It recognizes the importance of responsible and sustainable practices in the fashion industry and is dedicated to minimizing its environmental footprint and promoting ethical and fair labor practices.

Customers who support Sanguine can feel good knowing that they are contributing to a worthy cause and supporting ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Sanguine believes that its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability will not only benefit its customers and the environment, but also help it build a strong and loyal customer base that shares its values and vision for a better world.

“We will keep promoting causes and supporting organizations that align with our values and mission,” Song Lee states. “We care deeply for the development and empowerment of women and we hope to contribute toward a brighter future, where all individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

She and her co-founders feel that opening up their product line to new categories will help the company to keep growing – and that their dedication to sustainability and worthy nonprofit organizations will send a positive message to customers and stakeholders: that Sanguine Gem Stones is committed to making a positive impact in the world.

About Sanguine Gem Stones

Sanguine Gem Stones is an online jewelry retailer specializing in ethically sourced diamonds, both naturally mined and lab-grown. The company offers both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, as well as a line of candles, and is preparing to launch a line of luxury linens and Gua Sha stones.

Website: https://sanguinegemstones.com/ 

Contact JenniVere Song Lee at sanguinegemstones@proton.me 

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