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dmenu: The New Way to Promote Restaurant Services Online


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MIAMI, FL–The last few years in particular have seen big changes in the restaurant industry, with something familiar to millions of patrons disappearing from tables: paper menus. Digital menus have replaced their counterparts, to the benefit of owners as well as customers, who can now view a restaurant’s offerings on a tablet or other digital device. Carlos Ruiz del Vizo, the founder of dmenu, says that this exciting switch opens up new possibilities for establishments, whether it is a fast food joint or a Michelin-starred steakhouse.  

“When we started dmenu in 2019, we found a big demand for our digital product,” Ruiz del Vizo recalls. “Owners were becoming more concerned about their impact on the environment because outdated paper menus produced so much waste. Images of dishes faded over time, losing their ‘wow’ factor, and menus couldn’t be updated fast enough to keep up with new dishes. There was also a lot of interest in video technology and the untapped possibilities for bringing that into the kitchen and making the customer experience special.”

Digital menus, then, were seen as the door to a dining experience that was more interactive and enjoyable, and Ruiz del Vizo says that his company grew quickly around the world. While dmenu originally started in the United States, it expanded to operate in 16 Latin American nations and 15 U.S. states, with its small, remote team located in more than 5 countries.

“What really increased dmenu’s impact, however, was COVID-19,” Ruiz del Vizo explains. “With the shutdown and so many restaurants closing, our product helped them to adopt digital menus faster, reducing the risk of transmission through printed menus. We worked very hard to come alongside our clients and to make the transition easier for them during what was a really difficult time, as we all remember.”

While the pandemic is over, the digital age is just beginning, and Ruiz del Vizo and his team are working hard to lead a rapidly evolving market. Their mission is to provide a user-friendly platform and democratize digital menus so that all restaurants, no matter their size or budget, can capitalize on today’s technology.

“One of the most exciting changes we are seeing is how restaurants think about their online presence,” Ruiz del Vizo believes. “First, owners are understanding that ‘online’ doesn’t have to mean difficult. The tech is actually pretty easy to implement. We are also helping them to see that PDFs are out – today’s digital menus are free and are easy to create, manage, and share. That kind of accessibility means big possibilities for restaurants, especially since there are no limits on scans or items.”

Ruiz del Vizo reveals that dmenu’s focus is not on payments and orders – instead, the company is centered on the conversion optimization of restaurants. It provides a tool that allows owners to track their digital marketing efforts more effectively, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately improve their online presence.

“We also plan to integrate with all major delivery and POS systems, with the goal of enhancing the overall experience and use case of our platform,” he says. “The aim is to streamline the operations of restaurants and help them to leverage the benefits of digital menus without sacrificing the functionality of their existing systems.”

Aside from their menu platform, dmenu is also testing its promotion services by invitation-only. This allows the company to test its platform and ensure that it meets the needs of its customers.

Ruiz del Vizo envisions further growth for dmenu over the next 5-10 years, and he plans to focus on cementing his market niche. “We have a unique value proposition and are not competing against big delivery and POS systems,” he says. “We are talking with specialized firms that can promote us and accelerate our growth, as they are in a better position than VCs to help us achieve our goals. 2024 is approaching, when we will roll out our funding plans. The long-term partnerships we are building now will help us to scale up and change the international restaurant industry in exciting ways.”

For more information about dmenu, which provides restaurants with everything they need in order to create, manage, and publish digital menus, please visit its website or contact: 

Carlos Ruiz del Vizo


+1 (954) 706 2375

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