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Patti Zorr Marketing Opens Group Coaching Program, Book Launch LIVE!


Fort Collins, CO – Book Marketing Expert Patti Zorr has launched several proprietary programs, one of which is the company’s group coaching program Book Launch LIVE!

Targeted at upcoming non-fiction writers Book Launch LIVE! is a 9-week, step-by-step, done-together experience that will supercharge your book launch and is all about getting results that will keep paying dividends long after the launch hype fades away.

Created specifically for entrepreneurs,  speakers, coaches,  influencers, and new and aspiring authors – the program is a  virtual hands-on workshop for authors seeking a successful and stylish book launch that incorporates the bestselling book launch strategies used by New York Times and Wall Street Journal’s bestselling authors.

“Thousands of books are launched weekly, yet most are collecting dust on the digital bookshelf. And unfortunately, too many authors are sending readers directly to the retailer to purchase their books. therefore failing to identify who their readers are. As an author, you want to set your book launch up so that you’re identifying, nurturing,  engaging, and connecting with new and prospective readers, says Zorr.

Here are a few reasons why so many book launches fail:

  • Authors launch without a plan.
  • Authors think they are selling information.
  • Authors have mismanaged expectations about how big their audience needs to be to sell the amount of books they desire.
  • Authors don’t understand book funnels, how they work, or what to include.
  • Authors underestimate the skill involved in properly positioning their book.
  • Authors believe their book will magically sell itself.
  • Authors fail to give themselves enough time to launch.

During Book Launch LIVE!  Patti is going to give participants just the right amount of training to execute a successful book launch that will set authors and their books up for success weeks, months, and years after your launch date.

During the experience, participants can expect one to two-week stretches of time with clear steps and action items that help propel them forward.

“I know that launching can feel overwhelming, and that’s why I created as many shortcuts as I could for the sake of momentum.”  Over the 9 weeks, participants can expect personalized coaching, hands-on asset building, and technical support, along with guidance from a group of fellow authors. The program aims to help authors develop a comprehensive and step-by-step launch plan for their book, covering everything from timelines and building buzz to creating and launching book funnels. 

“A book funnel is vital to the success of a book launch and for building your author platform (a.k.a empire),” says Zorr. A book funnel is different from a website because it’s a marketing strategy that involves creating a series of landing pages and marketing materials to guide potential readers through the process of becoming interested in and ultimately purchasing a book. The process usually involves offering a free or low-cost lead magnet in exchange for the reader’s contact information, which is then used for marketing the main book and upselling to products and services with a much higher return on investment. ” 

In addition to coaching, guidance, and book funnel building,  Book Launch LIVE! also provides a supportive community for authors. Participants can network and collaborate with other authors, sharing successes and challenges and receiving feedback and support throughout the process.

Book Launch LIVE! is currently accepting applicants, and Patti Zorr has opened a waitlist for participants. The program has the potential to be a significant factor in growing an author’s platform through increased brand awareness, and list-building. 

Patti Zorr, is an experienced marketing expert who specializes in guiding clients through the process of planning, promoting, and launching their books. “These days, almost anyone can publish a book,” she says. “However, if you want to sell your book, you’re going to have to market it too. Authors often wait for launch day to start talking about their book – and then sales fall flat. In the industry we call this ‘publish & pray’ and it just doesn’t work for authors without an existing platform. My company helps authors create a strategy that will help them leverage the power of their book beyond launch day.”

Those who join Book Launch LIVE! will also receive access to the benefits of the firm’s other popular new program, Author Amplify, which offers a comprehensive suite of benefits to authors who are looking to launch their book. Perks include workbooks, courses, lead magnets, logo templates, key performance indicator tracking and so much more. 

Patti Zorr acts as a launch partner for writers, and the firm’s services support both traditionally published and self-published authors to market their books. “With the development of sites like Amazon KDP for self-published authors, we are already seeing an increased number of new books,” says Zorr. “It’s not difficult to self-publish, but if you’re hoping to earn a living or build a business around it, you need a marketing partner and a launch plan.”

She adds that launching and promoting a book is a long game, but Book Launch LIVE! can help new authors build a strong foundation for selling books, building authority and your author businesses. “This is why our programs emphasize book funnels,” Zorr shares. “And we provide not only the education but the resources that clients can use after the workshops and coachings are over to ensure that our authors are set up for long-term success.”

Patti Zorr Marketing is a consulting and marketing agency that offers a variety of services for non-fiction authors, including coaching, platform building, book funnels, and author websites to help authors market their books successfully. The agency also offers specific marketing for entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches who are writing and promoting their books.


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