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ClasShare Launches FilmForKids Online Community


Atlanta, GA – Educational technology company ClasShare has launched a new online community called FilmForKids, which aims to provide film and commercial opportunities for young aspiring actors. 

The new community is part of ClasShare’s commitment to help children build their successful career paths in the entertainment industry. 

FilmForKids is focused on building a learning and social network for parents with children who aspire to be actors and influencers. The goal is to help these kids monetize their skills by producing commercials for companies, creating short films featuring kids, and providing marketing services to companies. 

The company offers a unique approach to the industry, combining education, production, and a multi-channel network (MCN). By nurturing the next generation of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), ClasShare is incubating future entertainers and helping them succeed in the fast-paced world of entertainment and influencer marketing.

FilmForKids is the latest addition to ClasShare’s suite of online learning, which includes educational resources, exclusive short films written for the community,  live webinars hosted by industry pros, and casting opportunities for parents and young actors. More importantly, it connects filmmakers with parents with aspiring actors, making films accessible to kids regardless of where they live. 

The company’s focus on delivering quality and accessibility is what led to the ClasShare team developing its novel online community. FilmForKids aims to foster the talents and ambitions of young would-be actors, filmmakers, and influencers, and was designed as a safe space for kids to start learning about the intricate world of filmmaking and entertainment, as well as the technology used for the various aspects of the industry.

ClasShare’s class topics cover various aspects of acting including Introduction to Acting, Scene Study, Acting On Camera, Audition Techniques, Improv for acting.  The company made sure that FilmForKids would allow for collaboration and community building: participating students can create unique profiles, connect with other filmmakers, and share their work with others in the network. This approach helps to foster a sense of belonging and encourages children to develop their creativity and communication skills.

Since its inception in Q1 2023, FilmForKids has already received positive feedback from parents and educators, who praise the platform for its unique approach to edutainment and creating a safe space for young talent to bloom. The community has also been recognized by industry experts, including the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), which named FilmForKids as one of the top educational resources for media literacy.

Founder and CEO Wei Hunter, a serial entrepreneur and a mother of a young actor, states that her team is thrilled to witness the positive impact that FilmForKids is already having on young learners. “We believe that FilmForKids has the potential to inspire a new generation of young filmmakers and media literate citizens, and we are excited to continue developing and improving the community,” Hunter shares.

She adds that ClasShare was founded on the belief that every child deserves access to quality education. “We are committed to providing innovative and engaging classes that help children develop essential skills and knowledge,” Hunter affirms. “FilmForKids is the only online platform of its kind, and we are optimistic about the impact it will have on young learners.”

FilmForKids is only the latest addition to ClasShare’s growing suite of learning resources. Hunter reveals that the company is already planning to expand with new features and services in the coming months. “Our first film, ‘Power Forward’, just got accepted into the Atlanta Children’s Film Festival,” Hunter says. “Our next short film, ‘All You’ve Got’, is scheduled to be filmed at the end of April. Our students are excited; we’re excited; we see great things on the horizon.”

Hunter strongly believes that education is the key for the success of the next generation and is dedicated to helping kids build skills for a better future. During the journey, Hunter found that many kids dream of being actors, but the industry is cutthroat; so she decided to dedicate her company to changing that. Hunter produced 4 short films in 2022, two of which have been accepted into nine different film festivals (the other two are in post-production).

“We’re all about creating opportunities,” Hunter says. “FilmForKids is a solution to the problem of young talent becoming lost in the entertainment industry’s shuffle. On the platform, they can connect with filmmakers, participate in cohort-based live classes, and participate in films and commercials. Our goal is to empower kids with education through entertainment and help them build viable careers.”

ClasShare is an EdTech & entertainment company that provides innovative learning resources for parents and kids, with a focus on promoting the skills and talents of child actors and influencers. The company’s mission is to help kids build their successful career paths before they go to college. ClasShare’s suite of online classes includes a range of educational tools including FilmForKids, an online community specifically for child actors/influencers.


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