Sunday, April 21, 2024

Wayne Capital Partners Unveils $10 Million Fund to Help Communities Thrive


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Wayne Capital Partners, a dynamic and innovative minority-owned private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas, has just announced the launch of their new $10 million real estate investment fund, Wayne Emerging Capital Fund LP I. This fund has been designed to provide vital support to underserved communities across the United States by investing in the growth of small minority-owned businesses and redeveloping real estate opportunities.

The new fund from Wayne Capital Partners offers investors a unique opportunity to support diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry while generating strong returns. The founder of Wayne Capital Partners, Keith Smith, is enthusiastic about the potential of this fund to provide opportunities for minority investors to build generational wealth and get involved in the alternative investment space.

“Our mission is to invest in communities of color, minority entrepreneurs, and small businesses that serve those communities,” says Smith. “We are passionate about promoting the growth of businesses that have a proven track record of marginal growth and a strong vision but lack the resources to sustain growth and scale. With the launch of Wayne Emerging Capital Fund LP I, we are excited to provide more investment opportunities for minority-owned businesses and underserved communities across the country.”

The firm’s first $3 million fund has already provided investment opportunities in a variety of industries, including SAAS, food and beverage, real estate, and logistics companies, returning $7.35 million to investors to date. Wayne Capital Partners hopes to replicate this success with their new $10 million real estate investment fund. The new fund will provide investment opportunities in real estate projects as well as other industries, including SAAS, food and beverage, and logistics.

Keith Smith, a former college basketball player and a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, believes in leaving management in place to run successful businesses while providing comprehensive support and resources designed to promote strong growth. The long-term goal of the new fund is to create more jobs and opportunities for people in underserved communities and help make those neighborhoods even better places to live.
Wayne Capital Partners is committed to providing investment opportunities and resources to minority-owned small cap companies and underserved communities across the country. To learn more about Wayne Capital Partners and their new fund, Wayne Emerging Capital Fund LP I, please visit their website at or contact Keith Smith at

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