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Baby Monitors – Keeping Your Child Safe and Sound


A baby monitor can help you stay in touch with your child when you’re away from home. Some models are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for convenient check-ins on your little one from anywhere.

Models vary, each offering their own special features. From video clips to sleep analytics and some even come equipped with breathing sensors and movement tracking.


The best video baby monitors can record both video and sound, and according to Baby Monitor Town they allow you to check in on your little one anytime from any place. Some use a parent unit with screen, while others rely on smartphones or tablets as the viewing device.

Baby monitors that utilize Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology use this process to secure their signals and reduce interference. FHSS works by employing multiple frequencies in a semi-random pattern that only the transmitter and receiver know, so your baby won’t be able to pick up any signal from other radio stations within range.

Some video monitors also feature voice activation, which will alert you whenever your child is awake. This can be especially helpful if you’re concerned about them waking up during the night.

Another beneficial feature of some split video monitors is their capacity for supporting multiple cameras, so you can view a full room instead of just a window. This is particularly helpful if you have twins or other children close in age and want to keep an eye on them all at once.

Some monitors even allow you to speak back to your baby, alerting them when you plan to leave or come in. This can be especially helpful if your infant has any medical issues that require attention such as breathing issues. Some even feature sleep tracking systems which record and analyze movements so you can gain a better insight into how they’re sleeping. Ultimately, take into account your family’s requirements and decide which features are most essential for you before finding the ideal baby monitor that meets all those requirements.


If you want to keep an eye on your baby without constantly checking a video screen, audio baby monitors may be ideal. They’re cost-effective, have good range, and don’t require complex setup.

Audio monitors work by transmitting sound from a transmitter to a receiver, which is usually placed near an infant crib or other room where they spend time. Oftentimes, an alert system such as visual or other is included with the monitor in order to notify you when there’s an issue.

These may include visual cues like blinking lights and vibration alerts, as well as two-way talkback. These features can be especially helpful for parents who move around a lot or need extra assurance when their baby wakes up during the night.

Some models allow you to turn the sound on or off. This feature comes in handy if you have guests over and don’t want them to hear your baby’s cries, or when it’s time for bed and you don’t want the nursery sound turned up too loudly.

You could also opt for a device with a temperature gauge and two-way talkback. Although these aren’t common options, they can come in handy when your baby is sick or has preemie characteristics.

Finally, audio monitors offer more battery life than video monitors when not plugged in, making them ideal for parents who enjoy spending time outdoors or taking vacations.

Overall, audio monitors offer a simple yet effective way to keep an eye on your baby and are popular among many families. However, if you’re searching for something with more features, video monitors might be more suitable.


Finding the ideal baby monitor can be a hassle, but using an app instead can save you both money and effort. These apps connect to smartphones, tablets, and computers and allow for remote monitoring of children’s activities. Plus they come with additional features not found on standard baby monitors such as sound alerts and white noise output.

Some of the best baby monitor apps have a night light feature to make it easier to see in low light conditions. Others even feature motion detectors which send notifications when your infant moves around.

A quality app should also have the capacity to record videos from caregiver stations and upload them to the cloud for safety. Furthermore, it should offer sound sensitivity settings so you can hear your baby when they cry or experience distress.

One of the top baby monitor apps available is Dormi, a free app that transforms an Android phone or tablet into both a child device and parent device. It works with any network connection type including WiFi, 3G or 4G.

There are two versions: a free one that allows four hours per month and an $8.99 premium version with unlimited usage. Both work on Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

Another option is NannyCam, a lightweight app compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It uses the flashlight on the baby unit to illuminate the screen while motion detection sends notifications if it detects motion.

Finally, Luna is a free app with an attractive user interface and many of the same features as standard baby monitor apps. It supports reliable video and audio streaming, adjustable audio sensitivity, an activity log and communication with your baby – all while conserving battery life and data usage.


Baby monitors are devices that enable you to see and hear your child while they sleep, from any location in the home. Intended to offer peace of mind for new parents, these gadgets can be invaluable when it comes to keeping your little one secure and contented.

Many of today’s monitors come equipped with sensors that can monitor everything from your baby’s breathing to temperature and humidity in their nursery. Plus, many are now featuring AI features to alert you when something isn’t quite right with your little one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a high-quality baby monitor is an important safety tool for your child’s health and wellbeing. It can notify you to any changes in condition, such as if they’re waking up during the night or have difficulty with sneezing.

Smart monitors that utilize technology to track your baby’s movement and breathing can also provide data on their sleep duration, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels and more. Some of these monitors attach to clothing or are placed beneath their crib mattress for easy access.

Ray is a non-contact baby monitor that intelligently measures your baby’s sleep and breathing patterns, providing comforting feedback in case there are any issues. It sends its data directly to your smartphone in an understandable format so you can stay abreast of your baby’s wellbeing no matter where life takes you.

This option is ideal for parents who don’t want to wear a monitor at all, or those nursing their infant and prefer an unobtrusive way to check in while away from home.


Baby monitors are an excellent way to stay connected to your child and gain a better insight into their wellbeing. However, placement of the monitor is key so that you have a clear view of everything going on around them.

Parents often install baby monitors in high places to provide a clear view of the room. You should place it at least three feet away from the crib to avoid strangulation or electrocution.

When searching for mounting options for a monitor, consider the wall, shelf or changing table. You can use adhesive strips or command strips to mount it on the wall; however, be sure that it is securely fastened in place with these items.

Another option is to hang the monitor from a curtain rod. This convenient and secure installation lets you hide any cords inside the curtain or use a cable cover to protect them from tripping over.

If your monitor has cords, you can hide them behind a false wall if available. However, this is only temporary.

For a more permanent solution, you could purchase a cord cover tube made of hard plastic that attaches to the wall. This is an effective way to conceal your monitor wiring so no one else can see it.

When hiding a monitor’s wiring, you should also consider how easy it would be to take away once you move out or have guests over. If it’s difficult to take off, your baby might not be able to sleep as soundly in the new location.

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