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DANK Vapes Relaunches With 2-Factor Authentication With Same Technology as $100 Bill


Los Angeles, California– As what could be called the most widely known brand in cannabis history, as well as the most counterfeited, DANK Vapes has relaunched its production, and the journey from the ground up is chronicled in an upcoming Documentary which aired February 7th, 2023. The story touches on the rampant counterfeiting that shook the brand and newly, the measures that are being taken to stop future counterfeiting in its tracks.

The infamous cannabis brand had risen to the top of the industry soon after its initial debut on the market, but encountered a handful of hardships along the way. In the past, the brand DANK Vapes was the center of a major counterfeit problem, where imitators would purchase DANK Vapes packaging online and sell their own, knock-off products, marketed under the stolen brand name. By selling dirty products, consumers were buying and using tainted goods, masquerading as DANK Vapes, and getting sick from the harmful ingredients. 

This era of vape users getting ill from the counterfeited products was known as the vape crisis. With these sicknesses being documented and linked to DANK’s brand, the crisis became a major issue in the United States in 2019. Vaping at the time was linked to a mysterious lung illness that has caused hundreds of hospitalizations, due to the sales of bad or dirty products. The exact cause of this lung illness is not known but it is believed that it is related to the presence of oils and other chemicals (such as Vitamin E Acetate) used as a cutting agent in the vaping process. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigated the issue and named the “DANK Vape” brand as the most smoked among those with vape illness.

The brand theft had gotten so out of control in the late 2010’s that the company was forced to pull their products from the shelves, so as not to further dilute their brand’s name, and associate it with the kinds of products that were getting users sick. Now, after three years, the brand is back, and has taken several measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

“We are taking a solution based approach to avoid the issues the brand faced in the past, and plan on coming back bigger and better than ever,” explains a representative on behalf of DANK Vapes. 

DANK’s first step back onto the market included becoming a licensed brand in California, which means that it is required to undergo the highest level of scrutiny, meeting all the testing standards and compliance of California’s Regulated Cannabis Market before it can be sold to consumers. The 2 factor authentication guarantees that the only two ingredients are plant derived terpenes and triple distilled cannabis oil.

Dank Vapes has also tackled the counterfeit problem by implementing the most sophisticated counterfeit solution ever seen in the cannabis market–the first 2 factor authentication system. This counterfeit solution features a green check mark that utilizes the same tilt technology that is found on the $10 bills or higher. In addition, the ink that DANK’s brand uses for their authentication is sourced from the same place as the United States Treasury Boeing, and Rolls Royce, giving further proof of authenticity. Each DANK product also includes a scratch-off QR code on the back, which consumers can scan to win prizes and loyalty points. 

With these measures taken by DANK Vapes’ new ownership, the company is looking forward to their growth, once again, as the most well known cannabis brand. 

DANK Vapes is a widely known name in the Cannabis distribution industry and has announced its recent licensure under the state of California. The rebranding also comes alongside a fundraising campaign. There has also been a documentary released about DANK Vapes that you can watch here. For more information regarding DANK Vapes and their upcoming developments, visit their website.

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