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Lokahi Leaf: Natural Health, Wellness, and Beauty From All Over The World


The market of health and wellness ties delicately into the industry of natural beauty products. This collaboration is seen throughout numerous brands and businesses, but one such brand that stands out among the rest is Lokahi Leaf.

Lokahi Leaf is an earth-sourced wellness and beauty brand that has been working directly with locally sourced and organic ingredients to create their products for years. The company is one of the first to be utilizing holistic medicinal plants such as hemp and cannabinoids, incorporating them into their line of merchandise. The company takes a unique approach to these ingredients by actively participating in the restoration of natural resources, while still utilizing the products that nature provides. 

The creators of Lokahi Leaf come from diverse backgrounds that tend to highlight how passionate they are about their company and the products that they offer. Both Rochelle and Earl, Co-Founders of Lokahi Leaf, have been professional athletes and trainers. Rochelle also has a background in education for medical research and curriculum writing, while Earl has a strong foothold as a personal trainer, with a nutrition background. In addition to their professional similarities, the duo also has a shared love for travel, which they utilize to further grow their company.

“We have always been avid travelers and what we get from it is the opportunity to do what we truly love the most: Explore new cultures and discover new aspects of life,” Rochelle explains. “We have always believed everything we need for our health  is right here on the planet earth, we like to learn from other cultures about the historical use of plants and healing methodologies.” 

Both Earl and Rochelle take to the skies and seas to venture off on world tours, which occur for weeks or months at a time, and happen regularly. The pair is able to use their travel experience to interact with new cultures and environments, building on their knowledge base of all-natural health and wellness ingredients. “We also get the chance to speak to thousands of people each year in seminars and events who may want to learn more and be a little canna-curious or who have interest in the other amazing ingredients we use in our formulas.” 

The co-founder goes on to explain that the very reason for starting this company alongside Earl was to promote natural ways to combat medical maladies without the use of medications that can cause harmful and serious side effects. 

“I am inspired by my daughter, Crystalyn, who lives prescription free with cerebral palsy,” Rochelle says, when speaking on her greatest inspirations behind Lokahi Leaf. “We want her to explore, travel and experience everything she can despite the limitations of her legs. We find ways to allow her to experience and do everything that we do, which makes our travels that much more special and impactful.”

The vibrant personalities of the co-founders are the driving force behind Lokahi Leaf’s travel-based practices. Only a handful of wellness and healthy beauty brands take an active role in gathering and nurturing the ingredients used in their products, which sets Lokahi Leaf and their formulas at a higher standard than the rest. The company makes sure that their passion for the planet and their desire to learn how to protect it, while experiencing its goodness is at the forefront of everything that they do. 

Lokahi Leaf shares that the most important thing to their brand is maintaining a high quality of life and keeping human health in check to the best of their ability. Letting health and wellness drive their professions and business gives the brand the opportunity to do everything that they hold dear: spending time together, adventuring and feeling good!

These world tours taken by Lokahi Leaf creators are all about the Lokahi Leaf lifestyle, which holds onto returning to nature physically, and the ability to heal and provide wellness from nature itself.

“We hope to inspire others to do the same, and teach our customers about what we know and have learned,” Rochelle goes on. “Go out and explore new cultures and other countries’ plants, animals and beliefs! We want to research and find even more amazing discoveries of health and wellness. We firmly believe that if you keep living life as an adventure and exploring your soul will keep you alive longer and create that zest for living!”

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