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IamDerby receives celebrity co-sign from Netflix’s “The Upshaws” Jermelle Simon


On April 10, 2021, IamDerby released his debut LP album titled “A Pain So Beautiful” which consisted of nine tracks with totaling time of 28 minutes. It quickly gained a buzz after the featuring single that was released a few weeks before the album, “Another Song”, was featured on its release. “Another Song” has a total of over 20 thousand streams across different platforms and has its lyrics featured on the popular music outlet Genius and has also had placements on billboards all around the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Since the release of the LP, it has been positively credited by a few celebrities on social media with one of them being Jermell Simon from the popular Netflix series “The Upshaws” in which he plays “Bernard Upshaw” along side his co-stars Mike Epps, Kim Fields, Wanda Skykes; who is the executive producer of the series; and many more notable names. As stated in quite a few sources online, it is known that IamDerby is closely related to the well-known comedian, Wanda Sykes, in which has no relation to him meeting as well as being co-signed by Jermelle Simon. In fact, IamDerby meeting Jermelle actually came about through IamDerby’s previous manager, Ashley Gray, who so happens to have grown-up together as teenagers and have a very close relationship with the Netflix actor.

In the following Instagram post, found on IamDerby’s official account, Jermelle Simon is seen running towards the camera in an ecstatic state holding the physical copy of “A Pain So Beautiful” as he helps promote the nine track LP as he states “go get that”. In other clips Jermelle was also seen on FaceTime with IamDerby with former manger Ashley Gray and was also spotted at one of IamDerby’s performances as he was touring during the time of its release.

Check out the clip below and be sure to follow IamDerby on all social media platforms and watch “The Upshaws” as season three is set to release on Netflix this February 16, 2023!

IamDerby with Jermelle Simon in Virginia via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUVze0-PrSS/?igshid=ZmMyNmFmZTc=

Download/ Stream IamDerby – “A Pain So Beautiful” (2021). Available on all digital platforms.

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