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A bridal boutique in Cleveland drew in thousands of future-weds with their promise of designer dresses



Thousands of brides from a 90-mile radius around Cleveland, Ohio traveled to a small bridal boutique, determined to purchase their white dresses there. Radiant Bride began when Ellen McFadden set out to Rocky River to buy her daughters’ bridal dresses. When they stumbled upon the small boutique shop she became so inspired that she bought the whole package: the dresses and the dress shop itself. It became Radiant Bride.

McFadden dedicates her love for dresses to an early experience of her own– watching her mother sew. McFadden says she became “smitten” and never lost this fire.

With a degree in fashion under her belt, McFadden claims to have started Radiant Bride with a simple business plan of her own, one which she still follows today: work hard, serve the brides, and stay humble. This business plan resulted in continuous growth for the company– mostly from word of mouth– and the hundreds of 5-star Google reviews are a testament to Radiant Bride’s high level of service. 

Six years ago, McFadden maintains, when Radiant Bride opened, she couldn’t have imagined the success they have now. She remains grateful to the brides, who she believes have really helped make it happen. McFadden also dedicates the boutique’s success to good word-of-mouth and a lift in demand for a certain Radiant Bride treasure, a collection cultivated by McFadden herself– the designer dresses.

The bridal dress business is soaring. Just last year, the global market for wedding wear was estimated to be $61.1 Billion and is only projected to increase to around $69.9 Billion by 2026. 

Following the curve in business, Radiant Bride will expand into an even larger, roomier space. In their brand new, two-story building, guests will have access to six spacious bridal suites and a private parking lot with ample spaces directly behind the building. The company intends to keep it’s celebrated old-timey personality with a wood flooring, a fireplace, and a limestone facade. The current display window that brings joy to Rocky River residents will become two display windows in the new shop, opening up room for more exposure. This new store will be open in summer of 2023, keeping up with northeast Ohio’s growing search for a gown shop.

But recently, more is wanted than just a gown. Trends have shown brides to want to find “the dress”– one no one else will be wearing. Successful dresses today are uniquely made, specifically tailored to the person, crafted and fitted with care. 

Along with the personal attention they pay during appointment sessions, Radiant Bride is happy to serve customers with a wide assembly of specially-made designer brands, hand-picked and curated by McFadden herself. Some of the dresses McFadden likes to keep in the store spotlight names such as Allure Bridals, Blue by Enzoani, Enzoani, Love by Enzoani, Essense of Australia, Madi Lane, St. Patrick, and Vera Wang.

By appointment, brides can find the perfect dress with a perfect opportunity– an assisted session with direction from McFadden and a stylist. The gowns to pick from normally range from $1,500-to-$4,500, most falling in the $1,900-to-$2,400 range, and Radiant Bride is proud of its selection of plus-size gowns, aiming to ensure that every bride feels beautiful.

On their website, one can find that the motto of Radiant Bride remains, “All you need is LOVE and a GREAT dress!” McFadden sees that brides already have love and knows that it’s Radiant Bride’s job to help them find the latter.

Today, Radiant Bride has grown to be the premium bridal shop in northeast Ohio. To learn more, call Radiant Bride at 440-863-2000 and follow them on IG @radiantbridecle.

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