Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Well-Being Reality’s Dr. Raymond Venter Announces Sponsorship of Holistic Cancer Treatments


Houston, TX–

Well-Being Reality, a healthcare company dedicated to transforming wellness, is thrilled to sponsor 30 first responders and VA victims monthly, for the next 12 months and beyond, in holistic cancer treatments. Founded by Dr. Raymond Venter, Well-Being Reality focuses on natural healing, a process that the company holds can safely treat terminal ailments like cancer and heart disease. Dr. Venter’s new sponsorships are an effort to help those who have lost hope in the conventional treatment of their terminal maladies.

The doctor founded Well-Being Reality to offer people attainable, affordable, and drugless health. The company takes a completely natural approach to diagnosis and treatment; “We strongly stand against damaging the cells, organs, and functions thereof in the name of treatment,” holds the founder.

The Well-Being Reality way was created by Dr. Raymond Venter when he invented what is called the Bio-resonance Focused Ultrasound Machine. It was constructed a decade ago to save the company’s first client – Dr. Raymond’s father.

The machine is an ultrasound (non-audible sound) that Dr. Venter hopes, in the long run, can help change the world’s dependence on drugs, as it has now successfully treated over 3500 people. “It saved my father from stage 4 cancer,” says Dr. Raymond. “I hope, now, it can save many others.”

“We are offering the sponsorship to first responders and VA who have found themselves with the detrimental condition,” says Dr. Raymond. “This is largely for those who do not wish for conventional medicine or treatments, which often include radiation and/or chemo,” holds Dr. Venter. 

The doctor holds that Well-being Reality takes a natural approach that he wishes to offer those who have been told by their Dr: “there is nothing else we can do” and who need hope that they can overcome the malady. “If we manage to save one life,” says Dr. Raymond, “it was worthwhile.” 

Well-Being Reality, which stems from South Africa and Dubai, has a worldwide client base. Now, with the expansion to the U.S. after less than a decade, Well-being Reality has helped thousands of people worldwide. The company, with Dr. Raymond Venter at the helm, has set up high standards and a lifelong mission to take care of every person who needs help and is dealing with mild and severe health conditions.  

To learn more visit well-beingreality.com and email Dr. Raymond Venter at Info@well-beingreality.com

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