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Internships Now Available with Nioly Media Group


Internships Now Available with Nioly Media Group 

New York, NY  – Nioly Media Group (NMG), a marketing agency based in New York, NY, is now accepting applications for internships focusing on social media monetization (SMM). The internship will be held remotely for a duration of one-three months. Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2023, and instructions for applying can be found on the agency’s website

The selection process includes resume screening, testing, and a video interview with an HR specialist and NMG’s CEO, Polina Nioly. During the first week, interns will receive hands-on training and start working on tasks according to their individual development plan. 

The internship will focus on honing key skills such as strategy development, content planning, time management, and the basics of business communication. Under the guidance of a senior manager, the trainee will gain hands-on experience with the daily operations of the agency, immerse themselves in the profession, and become familiar with the corporate culture. This approach enables beginners to become proficient specialists in SMM by the end of the internship and allows them the opportunity to earn a contract with NMG. 

The paid two-month internship is open to candidates of all levels of experience, including those without any marketing background. The internship is suitable for college students as NMG offers a flexible schedule, allowing them to work remotely for 20 to 40 hours per week, balancing their college commitments. Additionally, as the internship is being held remotely, applications are accepted from anyone around the world. 

According to NMG’s CEO, Polina Nioly, the team at the agency is looking forward to training new marketing professionals. “We have a team of passionate individuals who are passionate about what we do, and we are looking for new members to join our team,” she says. Additionally, Nioly mentions that it’s challenging or even impossible for agencies like NMG to recruit from the outside, thus an internship provides an opportunity for individuals to gain experience and have a chance to be promoted within the company. 

“Our goal with this internship is to find individuals who share our values and are eager to produce great work for Nioly Media Group’s clients,” says Nioly. “One of our top priorities is to identify and nurture talented employees who are dedicated to achieving results, reaching goals, and advancing within NMG.” 

Nioly Media Group is a well-established agency with a team over 100 people. The agency boasts a diverse clientele, including Hollywood actors, musicians, and successful bloggers. What sets NMG apart is its creative approach to work, where it does not rely on template strategies but instead creates unique proposals for each project. The agency’s services are not limited to increasing brand awareness, but also includes building subscriber base, increasing sales and developing a monetization system for their clients’ accounts. 

“We do not just SMM in the classic sense,” says Nioly. “I would call it a kind of PR-strategy of promotion in social networks. The necessary goals are achieved using two of the strongest tools: SMM and PR.” 

The NMG team closely monitors trends and analyzes the audience interests for each client on a daily basis. Using this information, new tools are introduced and their effectiveness is evaluated. The agency consistently generates new ideas and tests hypotheses, allowing them to find relevant methods and achieve quick and predictable results for their clients. 

“Offering these paid internships will help us to expand our own staff,” says Nioly, “and with how much we have grown over the last year, we are excited to add new team members. We encourage anyone interested to apply as soon as possible as these spots will fill up soon.” 

Nioly Media Group is a strategic agency for social media monetization. The firm provides market analysis, reputation management, content development, targeted ads, strategies for building a brand, and other services. 


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