Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Site Worker Ramps Up, Launching Workforce Marketplace and Free Training Program for Clean Energy Talent


MIAMI BEACH, Florida–Site Worker has begun connecting skilled workers with sustainable energy companies and their projects at a time when the industry is projected to triple by 2050. Founder/CEO AJ Fusco states that his goal is to make it easier for companies to meet the growing demand for skilled workers for America’s energy projects, including biomass, energy storage, EV charging, solar, and wind.

“We are starting Site Worker to help streamline an industry that is hindered by outdated methods as well as the gap in skilled workers,” says Fusco. “After researching different energy sectors and talking with companies and talent, we decided to focus on five key improvements: upskilling flexible labor and providing an expanded labor pool, speed to hire, double accountability of workers through pre-vetting and reference checks, and subcontractor payments that are processed within 3 business days of a project’s completion.”

Fusco reveals that interest in Site Worker’s training program for energy workers has been increasing. Designed to assess a sustainable energy project and to then train potential workers in the skills needed for its completion, the initiative is free for clients and participants.

“We are having a wonderful time training a new generation of energy workers in the skills needed to work on infrastructure projects,” says Fusco. “We are also training mid-career talent. For example, we have helped solar technicians who would like to shift to EV charging installations. Our clients have also been very receptive, as we provide them with a free service that can speed up the staffing of a project. And, with features like gamification, we are making the process fun for both sides.”

While Fusco is happy with the rollout of Site Worker, he is focused on aligning his company with the demands of a population that is using power at higher rates.

“At Site Worker, we remain committed to helping America to increase its ability to supply power to a growing population,” Fusco says. “We will continue to provide the tools and training that companies and workers need so that our communities and their infrastructure are strong.”

Site Worker was founded by CEO AJ Fusco, a serial entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in building workforce management technology, marketing, operations, recruiting, and subcontracting. The company’s mission is to help overcome the gap in the number of skilled workers available for America’s clean energy projects. Site Worker focuses on providing a large labor pool for both mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, pre-vetting talent, paying subcontractors within 3 business days, supplying clients with one bill, and gamifying the performance review process. The result is a workforce system that is streamlining how clean energy projects are executed.

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