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Saumitra Pandey of SalesDuo: Posts (Beta) Browsing and Discovery Experience for Shoppers on Amazon


Posts is a free browsing and discovery experience for shoppers on Amazon that helps increase the discoverability of brands and products. Posts enable us to showcase curated images in feeds on the Amazon shopping app and mobile web that link directly to product detail pages.

Posts feature a profile banner, a custom image, a product icon, caption text, and category tags. Posts are displayed in vertically scrolling feeds where Amazon shoppers can browse more Posts for related products or pivot to various product categories. On detail pages, posts are displayed below the fold in a horizontally scrolling carousel above customer questions and a vertical feed at the bottom of the page.

To participate in Posts, the advertiser should have a vendor account or a seller enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and have a US store.

To Create a Post:

To create a Post, it must meet specific eligibility requirements. Additionally, creating a Post must meet specific requirements before it gets approved. Below are the requirements.

Account requirements

  • Professional seller or vendor.
  • Sellers must be the registered brand owner through Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Manage a US Store.
  • Have access to the account that manages the Store to which the ASIN bylines are linked.

Note: The byline is the hyperlinked name or logo near the product detail page’s product title.

Before starting with Posts, first-time users will need to create a profile.

To create a profile:

  1. Go to Posts Publisher and sign in using the credentials.
  2. Click Create profile for the Store to which the seller would like to link Posts profile.
  3. Enter the appropriate information for the profile.
    1. Profile name: The profile name is shopper-facing and filled in based on the brand name. There is an option to edit it.
    1. Profile logo: Choose a 640×640 pixel or larger image under 100MB in RBG color format.
  4. Select the Terms and Conditions checkbox and submit the profile for review. We can proceed with creating a Post while the profile is under construction.

To create a Post:

  1. In Posts Publisher, click Create Post.
  2. Upload an image: Choose a 640 x 640 pixel or larger image under 100MB.
  3. Write a caption for the Post.
  4. Add the ASIN related to the Post. The Post will only be shown if the ASIN is out of stock or there’s no image on the product detail page.
  5. Submit Post for review. Before submitting, review all of the information to ensure it’s correct.

The Post will go through the Amazon review process before it goes live. We can view the status by clicking on the View Details button in the Posts Dashboard. The review process is usually completed within 4 hours.

Posts moderation:

Post creative requirements can be found in the Posts Creative Acceptance Policy. It must meet these requirements to pass the moderation review.

Note: Ensure the profile name reflects the brand and not the brand we are promoting/selling unless it has the legal right to do so.

Posts user permissions

To create or manage Posts, we must be a user on the vendor or seller account that manages a Store.


The advertiser must be a user of the vendor account. If there is no access, we can request an invite from the account admin. An admin can add users by navigating to User management in the Advertising Console and clicking on the Invite user button. A new user needs to be assigned either an editor or an admin role to access Posts.


The seller must be a user on the seller account and have View and Edit permission to access Posts. If we don’t have access, we can request access from the account admin. The account admin can add new users by navigating to User permissions and sending an invite. They can then provide permissions to Posts by clicking Manage permissions and selecting View and Edit next to Posts.

Posts metrics

We can track viewable impressions, engagement, and engagement rate as shoppers on Amazon view and interact with the Posts.

Viewable impressions: This is the number of times a Post was viewable by shoppers, meaning at least 50% of the Post showed on the screen for at least 1 second. It includes Post impressions on detail pages and in Post feeds across Amazon.

Engagement: This is the number of times shoppers clicked on a Post. It includes all clicks on the image, brand header, caption, show/hide product, and product link to the detail page.

Engagement rate: Engagement divided by viewable impressions for a Post.

Reach The number of unique customers who saw the post.

Note: Reach is only supported for fixed dates: 1 day, seven days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Reach is unavailable for other date ranges and will show as a “-.”

Clicks to Store: Number of clicks to the Store from the posts.

Clicks to follow: Number of times customers clicked the “follow” button on the posts.

Clicks to detail page: Number of clicks to the product’s detail pages from the posts.


1.       Amazon systems will automatically place the Posts in feeds and detail pages based on relevance and customer engagement.

2.       The Posts will automatically show up as a sub-page with the Amazon Store.

3.       We can start using Posts, even if we are not advertising on Amazon.


Posts are available only to brand-registered sellers, not to all sellers.


Despite being in beta, Amazon Posts won’t be abandoned anytime soon. And even if it’s only getting started, it may still have a big influence on your business. By using posts to attract competition-related traffic and increase awareness of the items in your brand catalog, you can build your brand’s distinctive character, trust, and authority while also increasing sales velocity.

Navigating the constant new tools and updates as a business on Amazon can be tricky to work through. Companies such as SalesDuo, work to help propel businesses to success by offering powerful insights on ways to optimize a business’s presence through account management, operations, creative services, and finance. For more information, visit

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