Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Payment.Software Offers Back-End Plug-In to Businesses to Legitimately Add Credit Card Fees with Payment Gateway


Hickory, North Carolina–

Payment.Software is happy to add a new service to its collection of payment processing and cash discount services. This new practice will harness a Payment.Software plug-in strategy to assist merchants, in-person and online, in charging credit card fees with their payment gateway. The founder of Payment.Software, Jason Reid, hopes for the new Payment.Software service to serve as inspiration for the company’s mission of helping businesses handle their money matters.

A law exists which requires specific guidelines and standards to be met if a business means to charge a convenience fee when someone uses a credit card. “All the time, with online businesses which need the payment gateway, we see that gateways will not allow these payments to go through,” claims Reid. 

The company has witnessed businesses try and charge credit card fees but do it illegitimately. “Online, many gateways that provide credit card processing don’t know how to give access to that portal,” says Reid, “We have figured out a back-end plugin method where we can work through that problem to make it legitimate.”

In times when it’s increasingly more challenging for businesses to survive financially due to inflation and rising costs, Payment.Software aims to help small and large corporations avoid legitimate trouble and cover rising costs. The company has devised its solution to the problem– a plug-in strategy discovered by the company for its clients to use when charging credit card fees. Through the new technique, the company aims to streamline the credit card fee process for businesses.

 “We figured out a plug-in process that businesses can use, where they can accept that convenience fee,” claims Reid. “This will allow the payment to go through the gateway right into the merchant’s account.” This plug-in is also compatible with scheduling tools like Amelia, which any appointment-based business uses.

Payment.Software claims that anyone can figure this out so long as they know how to use a plug-in. As a company that also helps businesses in charging a convenience fee, Payment.Software has an invested interest in saving businesses money.

Payment.Software also offers businesses tools like Clover machines, Deja Vu, Pax, and several other types of Point Of Sale Systems. . The business has often worked with high-risk merchants, like those selling health supplements. Another recent service they have added in the last few months is helping merchants legitimately install cash discounts. Similar to its credit card fee service, this practice also serves as a way for businesses to withstand an inflationary market.

Now the company has begun focusing on helping businesses under economic pressure to charge credit card fees. “Instead of raising the price of products, these fees are meant to be the perfect way for businesses to hedge against inflation.”

Payment.Software is a payment processing company that offers merchants and businesses products like Clover machines. They are recently focused on helping businesses legitimately install cash discount and charge credit card processing fees. Through these practices, the company aims to help businesses charge money to hedge against inflation.

You can learn more about Payment.Software at their website https://payment.software/about-us/ and by emailing Jason Reid at Jason@Payment.Software

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