Sunday, April 21, 2024

Insurance Geek Releases Fat Agent App to Expand Digital Distribution Capabilities of Insurance Agents


Insurance Geek, a full-stack insurance company dedicated to helping insurance agents to grow their insurance agencies, has launched its Fat Agent platform. Created by Insurance Geek’s CEO Brad Cummins, Fat Agent aims to simplify the quoting, binding, and marketing of insurance products, ultimately helping insurance agents to manage their agencies more effectively and make insurance shopping easier for consumers.  

Insurance Geek explains that currently, insurance agents face bottlenecks and broken workflows that impede their daily productivity. The Fat Agent platform, a branch of Insurance Geek, was built to address these issues. As an agency management system and customer relationship management software, Fat Agent was developed using insurance APIs and webhooks, allowing it to be integrated with the modern-day frameworks of top insurance carriers in the United States and simplifying the complex insurance process. 

“We are excited to roll out Fat Agent and look forward to beginning our partnerships with independent insurance agencies nationwide,” says Cummins. “In 2023, we will be partnering with Branch Insurance, which has adopted a new way to calculate insurance quotes for its clients. Branch Insurance will be the first carrier inside Fat Agent to offer a bindable home insurance and auto insurance rates for its clients on just one API rate call.”

Insurance Geek states that Fat Agent and bindable rates are a new approach to the auto and home insurance industries. Branch Insurance will be the company’s first carrier partner to offer bindable insurance quotes on a first-rate call. The goal is for the quoting process as well as the distribution and sale of insurance policies to be streamlined, helping an agent to do their job more efficiently. 

“As a carrier designed to offer accessible, bundled insurance to customers instantly, it was clear that the Fat Agent platform was the right fit for Branch,” said Steve Reffitt, Head of Agency at Branch Insurance. “At Branch, we understand the value of helping agents deliver bindable prices to their customers quickly, giving them more time to be risk advisors to their clients. We are excited to be the first carrier partner on the Fat Agent platform.”

Insurance Geek confirms that it will soon be releasing this technology and APIs to more individual agents through the Fat Agent App so that it can be available to a wider audience. It is also developing more partnerships with a variety of carriers and agencies with the goal of transforming a complex market into something more easily understandable to everyday insurance buyers.

“We are committed to assisting more insurance companies with understanding, adapting to, and offering APIs, webhooks, and modern-day frameworks,” says Cummins. “We hope that Fat Agent helps agents to transition to digital insurance distribution so that they can be more productive in today’s increasingly technological world.”

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