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Flying Lotus Jewelry Masterpiece by Goldmark Oakham


The history of Goldmark Oakham

Goldmark Oakham‘s high-end jewelry is an affirmation of aristocratic beauty, luxury and class throughout all times. These values are sustainable, including a long-standing brand heritage and unique design thinking. In particular, the foundation of rare materials processing and skillful movement techniques are the prerequisites for the success of the Goldmark Oakham brand.

An independent company, Goldmark Oakham is one of the few brands that research technology, design, manufacture and craft jewelry ranging from diamonds to proprietary movement techniques. Referring to Goldmark Oakham, it refers to sophisticated, skillful, luxurious and perfect jewelry designs. The brand was born for classy and luxurious gentlemen and ladies, affirming the status and style of the owner.

Goldmark Oakham is a French luxury jewelry company and famous around the world. This is the place beyond the splendid and aristocratic masterpieces, the enduring values of history and the absolute favor of the elite. Goldmark Oakham jewelry is the epitome of luxury living and is perfect in every detail. Over 75 years of establishment and development, since 1947, artisan Goldmark Oakham has always maintained his crafting tradition and ethical values.

Over half a century, the brand has made a solid mark in the hearts of fashionistas. Goldmark Oakham Jewelry confidently affirms to bring luxurious, elegant and perfect items to the elite, contributing to raising the brand status in today’s society.

The Flying Lotus

Inheriting from the design launched in 2000, the Flying Lotus version reflects a Lotus Tower rising into the air. The mysterious beauty of nature is an endless source of inspiration for Goldmark Oakham to praise the delicate and magical beauty of the lotus flower with strong visual effects thanks to brilliant diamonds. The open design of the petals creates an unforgettable impression, with the interweaving technique combined with the skillful instinct of the artist who has depicted a lifelike lotus.

The pure color, attractive texture and opening and closing movement of the petals are a step forward in the art of jewelry making. Flying Lotus is one of those legendary designs, sophisticated at a level that other brands have never reached.

With time to sketch, design and turn cherished ideas into specific drawings, the moving details were meticulously and carefully made by the company during 2 months. Goldmark Oakham’s artisans with natural talents bring a unique touch to the rendering of perfect drawings. The moving details in the design of Flying Lotus are depicted vividly and specifically, helping us to easily visualize the artistic values of the product.

Inspired by the white lotus, a unique flower of the East, symbolizing the purity of the heart and mind. Goldmark Oakham couldn’t believe there was such a beautiful, simple and pure symbol to celebrate the purity of the soul. It is also because of the beautiful values of the white lotus that the Flying Lotus collection was launched. Sophisticated, magnificent, luxurious and aristocratic, the collection is a symbol of successful, confident and proud women. The high-end collection testifies to the stature of the Goldmark Oakham brand in the jewelry industry.

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