Monday, April 22, 2024

Fortaleza Digital Launches, Works to Increase Access to Banking in South America


London, UK–Fortaleza Digital Ltd., whose complete Web3 ecosystem is one of the first to be both centralized and decentralized, has announced the successful launch of its crypto-to-fiat exchange as well as its NFT marketplace. With its entrance into the cryptocurrency space, Fortaleza Digital, which means “fortress” in Spanish, will provide a platform for the global community to buy, sell, and hold digital currencies.

Fortaleza Digital states that through its Web3 ecosystem, it is working to lower the number of unbanked and under-banked adults, which remains at 1.7 billion worldwide. The company is focusing first on Latin America, where roughly 120M adults do not have full access to an account at a financial institution or through their cell phones. Fortaleza Digital explains that the consequences of this issue will vary from region to region but can include people being unable to build their credit histories, which can in turn impede the attainment of loans, leading to unequal home ownership. 

“For many, this ultimately results in generational poverty,” the company says. “While this problem is undoubtedly complex, cryptocurrency is one possible solution. Accordingly, we plan to use our expertise to make it potentially easier for people around the world to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. One way we are doing this is by helping our users to have a fiat and crypto wallet as well as a Visa or Mastercard. In doing so, they will have a new way to access banking, which we hope in turn will contribute to lower poverty levels.”

In other news, Fortaleza Digital states that it will be holding its first event in 2023 in the Bahamas. “We are looking forward to surprising our members with our innovations and our vision of where cryptocurrency and Fortaleza Digital will take all of us in the future. It should be an incredible week for everyone, especially in such a gorgeous location.”

The company reveals that it is working on the seamless integration of both the centralized exchange and the decentralized exchange and that it is developing other DeFi projects. 

“The integration and interoperability of both the centralized and decentralized models enable a complete, integrated ecosystem where companies can make and receive payments,” Fortaleza Digital says. “With this approach, we are aiming to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies more convenient for businesses across various industries.”

The company states that it will continue to innovate new ways to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to people who lack access to banking. “Our goal in doing so is to democratize the world’s financial systems,” Fortaleza Digital says. “If we can accomplish this, we will have made a real difference in the lives of families and individuals around the world.”

Fortaleza Digital Ltd. was founded by President and CEO Jean-Francois Amyot in order to help the world’s unbanked and under-banked populations. The company offers a fiat-to-crypto exchange, decentralized exchange, crypto payment gateway, online casino, and mobile games.

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