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Apex Performance Gym Named Best in Rockland County for 2022


Garnerville, NY – New York gym and training center Apex Performance has been named the best gym/fitness center in Rockland County for 2022 by Your Towns Best Magazine. This honor comes on the heels of Apex Performance opening a second location in Rockland County and announcing further expansion plans.

Apex Performance is a members-only gym that also offers an extensive array of online nutrition services, which will also be expanding as the company continues to grow. The online sector, called My Apex Coach, serves clients all across the US. The company’s five-year plan includes offering franchising options, both via My Apex coach and in its fitness coaching sectors.

The second facility has already received a warm welcome from the local community, and the Apex Performance team is in the midst of planning a grand opening celebration, inviting members, their families, and others in the community. The grand opening will serve to showcase the different options that the gym provides in terms of classes, equipment, coaches, and more.

The brick and mortar model that has served the company well is now being honed and applied to the online fitness coaching world. Apex Performance as a company received many requests for remote coaching options during the pandemic, and as a result, fine-tuned its fitness coaching model in a way that could be presented virtually. Innovation has kept the company moving forward, propelling it through the struggles that COVID-19 presented and allowing for the current success and expansion.

Owner and CEO Andrew Capul started the business 8 years ago, starting in a garage and soon outgrowing that, moving into larger and larger facilities. The two facilities now owned by Apex total over 8,500 square feet and are both located in Garnerville, New York. One facility focuses on the brand’s bootcamp programs, cadio, and boxing, while the second facility focuses on strength training and youth sports performance.

Capul says that the company enjoys partnerships with Parisi Speed School and Sparta Science to help build strong, data-driven programs, driving results in sports performance for individual and team training. He says that the second facility was truly integral for the company’s expansion, so it could offer different services at each location.

“Our bootcamp audience is typically parents ranging in age from 30-65 who are looking to get in shape, tone up and join a fun high energy group class,” he says. He points to the fact that kids and adults have different fitness needs; hence why the separate facility focuses on youth training. “Our Apex Athlete program targets middle school, high school, and college athletes who want to improve their athletic performance. We offer them customized programming based on their individual data.”

In addition, the Next Gen program is designed for young athletes between 6-12 years old. The My Apex Coach nutritional classes are available at both facilities but are focused for online access. The company staff includes certified nutritionists who create effective plans for helping clients reach health and nutritional goals. “We re expanding our nutrition sector,” says Capul. “We focus on sustainable life choices and action steps that really work and can be kept up long-term. This is great for anyone looking to gain or lose weight, or who is battling health issues.”

He says that Apex Performance has seen so much success in the adult training space that its 5-year goal includes creating Apex Bootcamp licensees. “We have built a model that can be replicated by anyone willing to follow the plan and put in the work,” he says. “We know what works and we know what doesn’t. There is a reason 9 out of 10 private gyms close their doors within the first 5 years of business. We’ve been going strong for 8 years, thriving and expanding even after the pandemic crushed the industry.”

He says that Apex Performance plans to have its bootcamp and nutrition coaching models licensed and helping people all over the country within the next 5 years. “A big part of our success has come from learning that providing value is the ultimate goal in running any business,” Capul says. “Our main goal is to provide as much value for our community as we can. By us doing that, almost everything else handles itself.”

Apex Performance is a gym providing personal training, coaching, nutrition, and more, both in the two brick and mortar locations and online via the virtual My Apex Coach website and app.


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