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Trend Rentals Now Sponsoring the CAMBA Organization–Soon to Dive into Local Fundraising


Queens, New York–Couple owned prop rental and decor business, Trend Rentals has announced that as of December 11th, they became a proud sponsor of the CAMBA organization. Trend funded its first giveback event for the community and raised over 200 toys for a local homeless shelter located in Queens, New York.

Trend Rentals is a space where customers can order props and decorations for events or photoshoots. The company offers a wide variety of backdrops for parties and other circumstances. Trend has found itself on the list of prop shops utilized by influencers looking to photograph their events.

With this recent sponsorship, Owners Jerome and Vanisha have declared their drive toward fundraising and community service. Starting in 2023, Trend is excited to donate a percentage of their income to a local cause or organization to help grow the community within Queens. They hope that this act will further generosity within locals and gain traction as the year continues. 

“The December CAMBA event was a great success and maximum tickets were reserved by our clients/supporters,” the couple expressed. “We were so touched by the amount of support that we received, and the difference it made to those in need. We were inspired to do more!” Trend is working to make their toy drive an annual event and is setting new standards for their upcoming donations and fundraising. 

Started in 2019 as a part time side hustle for Co-Founders Jerome & Vanisha, Trend Rentals has been a duo-run business for years. However, the company has announced its recent staff growth as 2023 approaches. Trend is also beginning talk of inventory and warehouse expansion within the next few years as the younger generations and aspiring influencers begin utilizing prop backgrounds for their growing social media pages.

offers its customers a wide range of products for decorative needs, including balloon art, marquee lights, wall backdrop features, and many more. This expected expansion is coming as the company continues to see growth in the modern age as they gain momentum within social media platforms. The company services select districts in New York City, though they hope that this discussion of warehouse expansion will allow national shipping and services. 

In addition to this expected expansion, Trend Rentals is currently working on updating their online website. Aside from making it much more user-friendly, the company has recently added features such as frequently asked questions and step-by-step booking instructions. This helps customers get all the needed information beforehand and avoids confusion throughout the partnership process. The inventory within Trend is also getting an update, as the spring 2023 backdrop collection starts to hit the shelves. 

With all of these changes, Jerome & Vanisha, alongside their new team members with Trend, hope to watch their company continue to grow. With discussion of updated services and products, Trend Rentals is excited to be bringing change with them into 2023, and is looking forward to what lies ahead for their quickie-expanding business.

Trend Rentals is a couple-owned prop rental and decor business for events and other platforms in which clients wish to utilize their luxe decorations. The business is expected to continue their expansion and progression within New York and is excited for their upcoming developments. For more information about Trend Rentals, visit their website or their social media pages.

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