Monday, April 22, 2024

Zaza THC – Los Angeles’ Cannabis Company Plans to Launch a New Clothing Brand


Los Angeles, CA–  

ZAZA THC- Los Angeles’s most trusted Delta 8 cannabis brand, is proud to launch its latest clothing line. Joey– Founder of Zaza THC, says that the ZAZA THC clothing line will help the company expand its influence in the cannabis community while bringing their unique perspective to life in the clothing and in personal consumption. The products launched under this new line will work as a prototype to further the interests of the company. “Zaza & Friends,” the new clothing line, will be released in 2023 and will be sold alongside the company’s other products. 

Zaza THC is known for its vivid, bold colors and grinning logos. The brand plans to blend these designs and popping colors into its new merchandise with luminescent tops and bottoms. Zaza CEO explains that the new items will reflect the Zaza THC brand palette, designed to engage the customers into the positive Zaza THC outlook on life.  

“Smile and Enjoy”, is the new slogan as the company aims to bring happiness to its customers. This idea forms the basis of the product’s branding and packaging and can be seen through Zaza THC smiley face logo, vivid colors, and bold fonts.

Zaza was created to encourage customers to be happy, smile, and see life from an optimistic perspective.” The new clothing line will highlight the brand’s devotion to remaining unique, positive, and forward-looking.

In the Delta 8 industry, Zaza THC has experienced its products and brand being copied by multiple competitors in the space. The company has worked to set itself apart in every area of the business, including its new clothing line. “We stay on top of trends in cannabis and clothing, it’s a consistent focus of ours. But, we never fail to add our personalized Zaza THC touch to everything, collaborating with trusted scientists and stylists to bring our inventive ideas to the THC table.” Previously, the company has provided consumers of cannabis with Delta-8 THC, CBD, and more.

The brand recently added to their line Delta-8 THC gummies, 2-gram disposables, and 1-gram cartridges, as well as several other product lines: HHC, THC-O, THC-P, and Delta 10.  Now, their new shift into clothing items will aim to expand the brand even further around Los Angeles. 

Zaza THC is a THC company and brand based in Los Angeles, CA. The company sells Delta 8 THC gummies, 2-gram disposables, and 1-gram cartridges, as well as several other product lines: HHC, THC-O, THC-P, and Delta 10. Soon, they will release an original clothing line to represent their style and brand mission of bringing joy to Zaza THC customers. To learn more, visit the Zaza THC website and email 

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