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Ryan Dundun, an award winning athlete based in Wisconsin


Many of us love the idea of self-improvement, and each new year we set goals that we would like to accomplish, from health and fitness to work life. Unfortunately, despite many starting with a bang, a large percentage don’t follow through with their fitness journey, and they gradually lose their focus when they fail to see immediate results.

For some people, fitness and working out are more than just a pastime, however. Being an athlete at any level is extremely demanding and very consuming of your life. However, there are worse ways to spend the majority of your time. There is a high chance that you love whatever sport or form of physical activity makes you an athlete – so much so that an injury can leave a gaping hole in your schedule and lifestyle.

Who is Dundun?

Born in March, 1996, Ryan Dundun is an American track and field athlete. As an athlete, Dundun specialized in the 400-meter hurdles relay. He has shown some outstanding achievements during his school and university career. There is a lot of talk that Ryan has had such outstanding achievements representing his University, that they are incredibly proud of him. He is known to have competed and won several national indoor and outdoor relays such as Big Ten Championship, NCAA West Preliminary Championships, WIAA Track, and Field Championships, Wisconsin Alumni Classic, California Collegiate Open, and several others.

Ryan represented Wisconsin, in the West, in the Big 10 Championships and really made his university proud with his achievements over the years. Ryan has spent some time focusing on his studies, while continuing his training and keeping up his fitness levels so that he can continue to grow as an athlete. 

A relay race is where there are more than one participant and each member does a course of the race in order to finish overall before the other relay team. Relays are popular in running, swimming, cross-country etc. Ryan takes part in running relay races, which we will talk more about a little later. 

Competing in track and field requires a lot of skill , patience , practice and persistence. Ryan has shown throughout the years of competing in hurdles , relays and races that he has the qualities needed in order to perform admirably at a high level. He has improved by beating his personal best records and getting better as he competes and trains for every competition which has resulted in wins in many relays and competitions. 


Ryan has done his university proud with all the achievements he made possible for the teams by helping win relays with the quickest time. We are waiting in anticipation to see what achievements are awaiting Ryan in the upcoming season. Ryan is proving to show potential to take part in such a big race and become a well known athlete quicker than he could ever imagine. We’ll be keeping an eye on this space. 

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