Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Detroit/Miami Fusion Brought on By Stiami Bar and Lounge in Queens, New York


The Astoria District of Queens, New York will soon be the home of the latest soul food and seafood fusion restaurant, Stiami. Combining the soul food dishes found within the city of Detroit with the downtown Miami culture, this new venture brings Steinway Street its first soul food fusion lounge. The lounge and bar is planning its grand opening, which will take place on December 31st. 

This event will double as the company’s New Years Eve party, open to attendees 21 years of age and over. The event is the first of many exciting celebrations set to be hosted on site at Stiami. CEO P. Eugene has announced that this New Years Eve grand opening event will feature a surprise special guest and a champagne toast at midnight.

The menu will feature items including a variety of seafood, soulfood, drinks, and appetizers that can be catered to specific dietary needs. Stiami has also announced that its drinks will be made with fresh fruit, and that it will maintain a Hookah bar on-site. The space will also contain both indoor and outdoor dining areas to optimize the nightlife experience for their patrons. 

Stiami is also home to a host of dancers and models, known as the Stiami Bunniez, who will be featured in the bar’s V.I.P lounge, which will be open exclusively to patrons who subscribe to one of the bars’ three tiers of their membership program. The dancers work hard to maintain an atmosphere of high energy and good vibe. 

Each membership will provide subscribers with perks unknown to baseline attendees of Stiami Bar and Lounge. Each tier of the memberships will include a variety of meal credits, standing reservations, or specialized seating areas. Eugene has announced that these tiers are currently available on the company’s website and can be purchased before the doors open on New Years Eve.

Apart from working toward building a membership based community of regulars within Stiami, the company is working in collaboration with local musicians and DJs to bring the Detroit and Miami vibes to New York. Within the next five years, the company hopes to expand nationwide, bringing this fusion to each corner of the United States. 

Stiami will host their events with what they refer to as a “proper attire” dress code, stating that their hosts and hostesses will utilize their judgment on what will and will not be allowed. The venue serves patrons 18 and older, however, the overnight new years event will exclusively serve ages 21 and up. 

With its focus on arts and entertainment within the dining industry, Stiami is developing a platform for artists and musicians to collaborate with their entrepreneurial team, providing the Astoria district with something new and exotic.

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