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Law Of Attraction and Manifestation Coach, Jillian Phyllis, Launches REVIVE: A Sacred Womb Invitation


MADISON, Wisconsin – Certified Law of Attraction and Manifestation Coach, Jillian Phyllis, has announced the launch of REVIVE: A Sacred Womb Invitation. The six-week women’s workshop is designed to hold space for kindred spirits to release limiting energies tied to ancestral trauma and to heal the wounding of the masculine and feminine energies. Clearing these energies and balancing the divine masculine and feminine within can lead to a powerful awakening and the ability to manifest our greatest desires. Jillian is also well underway with plans to debut her new brand, Witch of the Womb, over the coming weeks. 

Ancient womb healing has existed for nearly 7,000 years. It focuses on the sacral region of the body and has been said to hold powerful energies in both men and women that can be harnessed through mantras, techniques, and meditation. Many esteemed leaders from the spiritual community agree that the Womb Chakra is the most powerful Chakra in the human body and that its function as the creativity center is how we can manifest what we want in life and in the world. It determines the clarity of the soul’s vibration and quality of life, health, and joy. 

“As women, our wombs are infinite cups filled with lifetimes, traumas, magic, wisdom, and powers,” explains Jillian. “We will go through a re-awakening of this beautiful feminine energy center and work with it to give us wisdom, connect to our inner knowing, and move our life into more alignment, love, and purpose.”

Throughout the remote program, Jillian will work with the group to actively unlearn societal paradigms and the limiting beliefs often associated with them. Jillian explains that members will experience a remembering process to revive their soul’s true purpose. “It is not that we are necessarily trying to remove everything in our current lives that feels like it isn’t working for us, instead we are focusing on alignment with our higher selves and trusting that through that alignment we can make decisions and shifts that actively benefit us,” says Jillian.  

In addition to the womb work program, Jillian offers one-on-one healing, mentorship, and support through a 90-day container to women who feel burned out and passionless in both their careers and romantic lives. “Many people don’t recognize that being wildly abundant is our birthright, and when you move in a way that listens most to your internal wisdom and intuition, you’ll find that you love everything that you do,” explains Jillian. I work with women to help them clear old energies, self-limiting beliefs, and chaos from their lives to get aligned so that they can properly call in their deepest and most beautiful dreams and desires.”

Jillian Phyllis is a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction and Manifestation coach, womb healer, Tantra teacher, Akashic Records consultant, breathwork coach, flower healer, and Reiki Master. For many years she used her gifts to support startup tech companies by making them millions and millions of dollars. When she began lacking passion in her career, and marriage, she threw herself into healing her own life and began manifesting, amongst many other types of energy work. She found that there were many energetic blocks that we, as women, carry that limit us to calling in these desires even when seemingly “doing everything right” and found the missing piece to many women’s lives is womb work. Now, she works to support women through group programs and 1:1 support in clearing energies and limiting beliefs so that they can align with their highest selves and move with confidence into their dreams. She has worked with almost 1000 women, to date, and cannot wait to welcome others into her energetic containers.




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