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How Will Rho Nutrition’s Liposome-Based Vitamins Help Health & Wellness Lovers?


Are vitamins really all they are touted to be? First created back in 1916, they have had more than 100 years to evolve into the little white pills many of us keep in our medicine cabinets today. An industry that is worth approximately $35.6B must be creating products that are effective – or are they? 

“To some extent, yes, supplements are beneficial,” says Ryan Bishop, who co-founded Rho Nutrition in 2022 with George Padilla. “The question is whether they are as beneficial as we have thought. When George and I did our own research, we were disappointed to discover that absorption rates were lower than we had believed. This obviously needed to be changed. We discovered that by wrapping supplements in liposomes, they would be absorbed more. Today, with Rho Nutrition, we are offering liquid vitamins that are backed by science and are changing an entire industry.”

How can two men who are not the leaders of a Big Pharma company claim that their vitamins are the first innovation the industry has seen in thirty years? For starters, Ryan and George worked for years with suppliers of clinically backed ingredients for supplement companies. 

“We were leaders of a small business development team and were exposed to both national and international distributors and brands,” George says. “We got a very good look at the path a supplement takes from sourcing to distribution, and we saw the holes in the system, which boiled down to two things: cheaper, less effective ingredients and a focus on profits, not people.”

Ryan and George were frustrated and ultimately decided to create the products that they would like to take. They had three goals: to increase the absorption of vitamins, use quality ingredients, and remain self-funded so that their products’ integrity would be maintained. To get started, they relied on science.

Working with several of the top PhD scientists in the United States, Ryan and George turned to liposomes. They explain that through liposomal delivery, vitamins and minerals are microencapsulated in all-natural phospholipid fatty acids to increase absorption. This is important because until now, the effectiveness of many supplements has been diminished due to their poor absorption.

“Liposomes solve this problem by acting as lipid bubbles that carry vitamins into your body’s cells. Basically, liposomes enter cells more easily because they are made of the same things as the cell itself: all-natural phospholipids. The lipid bubbles protect the vitamins and act as their bodyguards against the harsh acids in your stomach,” George explains. “Since Rho Nutrition’s vitamins are wrapped in liposomes, their absorption is increased by up to 8-10 times. The more a vitamin is absorbed, the more effective it can be. What makes this most exciting is that there is a range of ingredients, such as Curcumin, Glutathione, and Resveratrol, that traditionally have been so poorly absorbed. Liposomes finally allow consumers access to viable options that truly work.” 

Once the delivery system for supplement absorption had been improved, it came down to optimizing how the vitamins are taken. After more research and experimentation, the co-founders created Rho Nutrition’s flavored, liquid products, which can be taken alone or added to water, juice, or a smoothie. The Sleep Mist is sprayed several times into the mouth. 

“What this means for health-and-wellness enthusiasts is that their supplements will be more effective and can help them with immunity, healthy aging, anti-inflammation, cellular health, and sleep issues,” says Ryan. “All because liposomes act as the bodyguards for vitamins and protect them from harsh stomach acids.”

With Rho Nutrition’s 2022 launch a success, the co-founders are working to expand in 2023. They are currently in negotiations with independent pharmacies and vitamin clinics and will be offering their supplements in major U.S. cities and in Canada in the new year.

“We plan to remain true to our values of transparency and ethically sourced ingredients,” George states. “We want to be the one supplements company that anyone can feel confident buying from. That way, we can change the vitamins industry and make it work for people, not businesses.”

The supplements offered by Rho Nutrition were made by vitamin lovers for people who value health and wellness. The company uses liposomes to increase the absorption of its products, with the goals of helping individuals to feel more energized and to live fuller lives. For more information about Rho Nutrition or how liposomes aid in the absorption of supplements, please see the company’s website.

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