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Leojeany Sent Sponsor to Cover New York Fashion Week Looks



Leo Li was at the center of it all at New York Fashion Week, sharing his passion for fashion with supermodels and social media followers under his brand name Leojeany. Now, Leojeany works styling models and plans to expand into photography and modeling.

New York Fashion Week brings in fashion fans from everywhere to enjoy the exciting innovations, unique displays, and most of all, inspiring people.

From XinJiang, China, Li moved to the states when he was fourteen. From there, the influencer grew his brand on several platforms, such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and more. His social media platforms inspire his plethora of fashion followers with bold photos of fashion, friends, and famous figures. 

Leojeany posted a photo captured by Getty images on the Rooftop Terrace of Spring Studios in Tribeca. The event he was seen at, Glam Slam: Session 3, was put on by IMG models and Spring Studios and produced by FOCUS. It took place to celebrate two of New York’s most popular and renowned affairs, The US Open Tennis Championships and New York Fashion Week.

Images of the night can be found on the Leojeany Instagram. Li made sure he was there for it all, including a panel viewing during which a fashion designer icon, the Style of Sports Founder, and a professional tennis player conversed on the topic of tennis legends and fashion, focusing on the intersection of sport and style in modern culture. 

During the week, Leojeany also expanded influence with images of some of the world’s most known supermodels and fashion designers. The Leojeany Instagram posted Li in a brand name shirt at one of the shows, where he watched two, famous supermodels walk the runway in sparkles. The page shared videos of the looks to social media followers, along with photos of Li and two top supermodels.

Another show that Leojeany covered highlighted straight hairstyles with bright, neon colors. On the Leojeany Instagram, glimpses are shown of the runway models, their outfits, and Li in a full audience. 

Li is now furthering the Leojeany brand through fashion styling and photography, and plans to do some modeling work in the near future. An influencer with influential ideas, Li hopes for Leojeany to one day magnify the magic of fashion in every-day life with features on the magazine covers of Vogue or Forbes.

“I think success is being able to do what you love and make a joyful living off of it” Li holds.

Li attended New York Fashion Week in September of 2022 and sat shoulder-to-shoulder with big stars. He is an influencer, photographer, and model stylist. Li attended New York Fashion Week in September of 2022 and sat shoulder-to-shoulder with big stars. He is an influencer, photographer, and model stylist. 

Company Website: https://leojeany.net/ 

Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leojeany/?hl=en

Contact Leo Li at leo846731847@gmail.com

Company Socials: @leojeany

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