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Sara Buchan opened a New York medical spa that offers customers rare and exclusive brands of skincare and injectables



When Sara Buchan brought Poppi to life, after leaving her city home of twelve years, she quickly noticed a gap in the market of her dreams, drafted a business plan, and made it happen. After that, Poppi Wellness + Bio-Optimization grew, often turning one-timers into regulars.

Visitors can find a unique array of services at Poppi. This Hudson, NY medical spa offers clients a highly curated offering of medical aesthetic treatment, along with services like nutrigenomic DNA testing, IV infusions, and health coaching.

Fascinated by the way cellular biology relates to longevity and beauty, Sara crafted Poppi to take a scientifically-proven approach. To do this, she targets the causes of customers’ problems on a cellular level, holding that these root causes influence how we look and feel on a daily basis.

The mind behind her spa’s special style, Sara is a studied scientist with a background in modeling and niche interests in detoxification, hormesis, autophagy, and the synchronicity of the mind and body. 

Education and experience backed Sara’s business. With over ten years of experience in aesthetic medicine and a background in modeling, Sara has a passion for design and form, lending her an eye for aesthetics and skills in injectable procedures. Holding two Bachelor of Sciences from New York University and Penn State and a Master of Arts from New York University allows Sara insight in her practice. Currently, she continues to grow her company while pursuing a MS to become a nurse practitioner.

Through Poppi, Sara is helping clients look and feel better by offering them exclusive, biotech brands of skincare and injectables, claiming Poppi to be one of the first, “…if not the first in upstate NY, to carry Daxxify, a new peptide derived neuromodulator that lasts up to 9 months,” Sara claims. 

Daxxify, a rare yet rising challenger to Botox, is an injected medicine for smoothing facial wrinkles, one that dermatologists find to last much longer. To top that, Daxxify contains no human or animal products but is instead made from peptides or amino acids.

Poppi is also one of the first known to carry the RHA line of fillers, a product made to last up to fifteen months. Poppi holds that the RHA fillers are the first market hyaluronic acid filler made specifically with facial dynamics in mind. It gives the most natural look because it was made to structurally resemble human hyaluronic acid. Where other treatments may cause stiffness, the RHA fillers feature flexibility and adaptation to facial movements.

At Poppi, customers find an array of science backed offerings. Poppi offers services such as dermal filler (RHA, Juvederm, Restylane), neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Daxxify), medical grade skincare (skinbetter, SkinMedica), and Nutrigenomics, revealing one’s very personal relationship to optimal nutrition. The list also includes Intravenous infusions, chemical peels, and microneedling.

On the topic of success, Sara believes that entrepreneurship requires execution beyond vision. It’s jumping into the void with nothing but belief in yourself and your ideas.

Sara has big ideas for Poppi’s future. She has plans to integrate more design, luxury, and fashion into her practice with a concept store. This would characterize a selection of the most highly curated furniture, fashion, as well as wellness and beauty. Much of her inspiration for this comes from the Bauhaus movement, which is grounded in the idea of creating Gesamtkunstwerk (German for “comprehensive artwork”) in which all the arts would eventually be brought together. 

By Spring 2023, Sara says shoppers will likely be able to visit a New York City location for Poppi. She’s proud to announce that the original concept store will combine a highly curated fashion collection, art, home goods, and aesthetics.

You can learn more about Poppi at www.poppi.bio, by following them on Instagram @poppi.bio, and by emailing sara@poppi.bio

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