Tuesday, April 23, 2024

ShaneBaggs: The Rapper and Artist You Must Follow


Oshane Martin better known as ShaneBaggs the rapper with the longe chain who went viral in 2019. ShaneBaggs is a one of a kind running his businesses making 6 figures while earning his spot in the music industry. He released Future Dreaming right in the downtown area of his city on Campus. Him and his fiancé has been together since high school while raising their only daughter, he sees allot of couple post in TikTok. He then makes the song “Trendsetter” talking about his relationship. That became a great hit and charted the radio charts. He’s been talking about gaining the attention of certain celebrities and thinking about who he should get a feature with. While looking to find and master his sound he continues to make music for his listeners. ShaneBaggs Latest released is called “HaHaHa” mocking everyone whose been hating and has envy towards him. “HaHaHa” music video is also out.

What makes ShaneBaggs so unique is he’s able to rap and sing is both American And Jamaican, which is English and Patois which can be very hard turning. He’s definitely someone to be watched as they join the music industry to see what hits will come.

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