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Stacey Manoharan Illuminates the Beauty of Soori Bali Through Exceptional Online Content


Sometimes even paradise needs some help getting noticed online. Such was the situation at one of the world’s most beautiful resorts, Soori Bali. While it was blessed with a gorgeous beach and luxurious accommodations, it faced stiff competition from properties in Hawaii, Fiji, and the Caribbean. To differentiate itself on the Internet and draw the attention of affluent travelers, Soori Bali turned to Stacey Manoharan, a well-known Social Media Manager/Producer and founder of Just Collab. Stacey had worked with the Maldives Tourism Board to increase its post-COVID tourism rates and had also catalyzed a 900% growth in Lane Eight’s influencer program, so she was the natural choice for Soori Bali. Below, Stacey talks more about her work for the resort and reveals that behind every spectacular photo or video, there are hours of careful planning and strategizing to make the magic happen.

“Soori Bali is pure heaven, no question about it. It just needed a customized, strategic social media presence that would allow it to connect with its ideal clientele,” Stacey explains. “To achieve this and show what makes Soori Bali so special, I was asked to deliver high-quality content, including ten edited photos and two videos, and to provide extensive Instagram coverage of the project on my personal accounts. I also agreed to participate in a half-day photoshoot as a model for Pallas Couture, Australia’s premier wedding gown designer.”

Stacey knew that her work would have to go beyond merely pretty pictures. Instead, it would have to be highly resonant and strategically targeted. Before arriving in Bali, she did extensive research into the property’s aesthetics and audience preferences, prioritizing any overlap. She knew that Bali was a dream destination for many people, including couples on their honeymoons, so she focused on seeing Soori Bali through their eyes and brainstorming ideas for photos. With her eye for detail and analytical skills, she was ultimately able to create a production schedule for the trip.


“All of this was hard work, of course, but it meant that when I arrived in Bali, I hit the ground running,” Stacey says. “Every moment of each day was accounted for. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and why, and that helped me to keep the project on track, be efficient, and get the content that I needed to showcase Soori Bali online.”

Two issues were paramount: Stacey had to make sure that she understood the goals of the resort’s management, and she had to blend in with the guests. To this end, she communicated daily with staff to discuss their needs, and she remained discreet as she photographed the beach, the infinity pool, the interior of suites, and other pivotal areas.

The photoshoot for Pallas Couture was especially demanding, as its logistics were intricate. “I was very hands-on in both its production and execution, particularly when modeling the wedding dress,” Stacey remembers. “I had to coordinate multiple shoot locations and handle several wardrobe changes. Behind the scenes, this was difficult, but in front of the camera, I had to project serenity. That is not always easy to do even when you are surrounded by incredible beauty. It took a lot of meticulous planning and professional agility to ensure this was all smoothly executed under tight deadlines.”

On other days, Stacey left the property to photograph and video complimentary excursions, such as walks through rice paddies, tours of villages,and a special half-trip, “Journey to Arcadia,” which included a panoramic car ride and private picnic lunch by a waterfall in Tabanan Regency. With each experience, she captured more of what makes Bali so unforgettable: its lush environment and friendly people.

At the end of each day, Stacey reviewed the new content, ensuring the visuals perfectly aligned with the aesthetic and promotional needs of Soori Bali. Every photo was carefully analyzed before being posted to her social media accounts, where over 1.37M people around the world saw the grandeur of Bali come alive. Soori Bali was deeply appreciative and viewed the collaboration as a success, as Stacey’s content significantly amplified its online presence and enhanced its brand visibility. The resort’s management noted her professionalism and dedication in competently handling every aspect of the content creation process, from planning and shooting to production and final edits.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Soori Bali, especially collaborating with its staff to show the world what makes it so incredible,” says Stacey. “That is the power of the right online content. It can help brands like Soori Bali to outperform its competitors and build long-lasting customer relationships, all because it is optimizing its online presence and getting the attention it deserves to receive.”

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